Yes, digital business cards are impressive. Yes, they are definitely something original. But how do they increase sales?

Maybe you're sceptical and see digital business cards as just another "gadget". But it's not just that. Digital business cards are a multi-tool for your business that can connect you with your customers and bring you profits!

Digital business cards can make it easier for your customers to find your contact information. They also provide more information about your business and your work. They are much easier to use than traditional paper cards and, if used correctly, can increase your business sales.

Of course, they have other benefits, which we've seen here: 7 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Business Card

This article answers your basic questions about digital business cards. We will also show you how to use them effectively to increase your sales and profits.

How to use digital business cards


The digital business card is essentially a website. A mini-site where you can put lots and lots of important information about your business. This information can include your website, contact details, a map of your location, videos and your social media profiles.

One option is for your map to be immaterial in the form of a link or QR code. When the customer opens the link or scans the QR, they see your business information.

The other option is for your card to be in physical form. In this case, it is usually made of plastic. This card uses NFC technology. Your customer can swipe their NFC-enabled device (usually a smartphone) over your card and your information is automatically added to their contacts. It can also automatically open your business website or initiate whatever action you have set up with the scan.

The information on the card is entered by you and you can update it whenever you want. These changes are also automatically displayed to your customers.


Boost your sales with the help of digital business cards


1.Include all your important contact details

Key element. When creating your digital business card, it is important to include all of your relevant contact information. This includes your website, email, postal address, phone numbers and social media accounts.

By having all your details readily available, your customers will be able to contact you quickly and easily in any way they choose. This will definitely create a positive experience for someone who wants to do business with you.

Think for yourself: If you can't find someone's details, do you take the time to look for them, or do you move on to the next person doing the same job?

2. Design an attractive card

A stylish card makes an impression, reflects the personality of your company, shows professionalism and that you take care of your work. It will definitely set you apart from the competition and give you points when someone chooses you.


3. Use the QR code

As we said, a digital business card is essentially a mini website with your contact details and any information you want your customers to see. One of the ways you can share it is with a QR code.

A QR code is a type of barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone. When scanned, it takes the user to your digital business card. This makes it easy for them to find contact information, learn more about your business and get in touch with you directly.

Take advantage of the QR code and share it through your social media, brochures, advertisements, etc. More and more people are becoming familiar with the use of QR codes. In fact, QR's arouse curiosity as to where they might lead. So it is very likely that someone will want to scan your QR and get information.

4. Keep your digital map up to date

One of the biggest advantages of digital maps is that they can be updated at any time. No reprints and without spending a single euro!

As soon as you make the changes you want, your card is automatically updated, the mini-site mentioned above. So even customers who already have your digital card will be able to access your now updated details.

By updating your digital business card with new products or services, you can keep your customers up to date with what's going on in your business, such as a new project you've completed.

Your customers will also always have the correct information, even if there are changes, such as a change of address. This will help you maintain customer loyalty and build trust in your business. These are very powerful cards that can lead to an increase in your sales.

Be sure to update your digital business card regularly with new products, services and projects so that customers can see your news and keep in touch with you.

5. Multi-channel marketing approach

Your digital business card can reach customers through multiple channels. These channels can be social media, SMS marketing, email marketing, etc. This gives your customers more ways to connect with you, so they can choose the one they prefer and are familiar with. It also allows you to reach a wider audience.

Therefore, including your digital business card in your marketing strategy will help you improve your professional image and find more channels to communicate with your customers.

6. Use the card as a networking tool

When you meet a new client, give them your digital business card. If you have it in physical form, ask them to scan it so that your details are automatically registered on their device.

This will create a positive impression and may lead to future business.

In addition, if you regularly attend company events, a digital business card can give you many advantages. You'll be able to quickly share your details with more clients or partners, while undoubtedly making an impression and setting yourself apart from the competition.

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7. Use all the features of your digital business card

When creating your digital business card, make sure you use all the features it has to offer. This could include adding a video to showcase your products or services. Or it could include your social media profiles. By putting your social media profiles on social media, you allow customers to connect with you there and develop intimacy.

In general, providing easy access to more information about your business increases the chances that potential customers and partners will contact you.

These opportunities also help to improve your business image, make it easier for your customers and definitely make an impression.


How are digital business cards a game changer in sales?

There is no doubt that digital business cards are the future. Not just because they are the natural evolution of technology, but because they offer so many possibilities.

Digital business cards are an excellent and effective tool that allows you to connect with your customers instantly and easily. These elements can set you apart from the competition and translate into sales for your business. Not bad!

Have you ever taken someone's digital business card? If so, what did you think of it?

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