Perhaps you are coming into contact with NFC technology and NFC Marketing for the first time and the possibilities they offer. But it's good to learn why and how you can use them. It's not just something groundbreaking and new (relatively). NFC technology will flood the markets in the future as it takes the shopper experience to another level. And of course it creates enthusiastic and loyal customers who will return again and again.

There are about 1.5 billion NFC-enabled smartphones in the world right now. This in itself shows the growth of NFC.

With NFC technology, brands can offer customers a seamless, frictionless and engaging shopping experience. This gives them an edge over their competitors as well.

If you want your own business to be such a brand keep reading.

NFC technology can provide fast, easy and secure transactions. Below we will see how you can use NFC technology in your store and the benefits you will get from it.


How to use NFC technology in your store


1. Using NFC for immersive shopping experience

Based on research, experiential purchases largely determine the completion of a purchase. In fact, many times they are more decisive than the product itself. Also, many customers are willing to pay extra for such experiences.

What is experiential shopping experience?

Experiential shopping is a shopping experience where customers can "experience" various situations while choosing products. This is done by placing NFC tags or QR codes on various products or inside the store.

When the customer swipes their NFC-enabled mobile phone over the product, various actions can be performed. For example, he can go to the purchase page and buy the product without standing in long check-out lines. Or he can be transported to an augmented reality situation and "try" the product. For example to try on a pair of shoes in different colours.

Other experiences you can offer are an in-store treasure hunt, seasonal offers appearing on the mobile screen, possible product combinations, smart fitting rooms, etc.


2. Cross-selling a product using NFC technology

When customers touch their smartphones to an NFC-tagged product, various actions can take place as we said. Like being directed to a landing page that shows them a list of products similar to their market or based on their interests.

For example, if a customer wants to buy a dress, the NFC tag placed on the dress can show - with a swipe of the mobile phone - accessories with which it can be combined, shoes or coats.


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3. NFC tags for customer self-service

Today, approximately 67% of customers choose self-service instead of speaking with a company representative/employee.

Consumers are willing to find the answers themselves. This probably implies that most people don't want an employee hanging over their head while they shop.

With the help of NFC marketing tools like NFC tags and QR codes, businesses can help customers feel free. These tools are strategically placed on products or in the store so customers can get product information on their own and self-service.

You can provide assistance only if the customer appears to be confused or in need of assistance. Use NFC tags to answer common product questions or help him by showing him how to use these tags.

Clearly if a customer wants the traditional one to one live service you still provide it.


4. NFC enabled smart payment


NFC technology is widely popular for this feature. Simplifying the payment process solves several problems for customers. As we said above, customers do not have to wait in line as they pay directly through their mobile phone through the NFC tag.

The customer swipes their NFC-enabled mobile phone over the NFC tag and is directed to their digital wallets to complete the transaction.

According to research, payments through digital wallets tend to increase more and more. Digital wallets and NFC mobile payments work in tandem, further enhancing the customer experience by allowing them to pay online with their stored card information with a single tap.

Mobile payments are fast, convenient and promote a hassle-free shopping experience. NFC-enabled payments are also secure, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter a pin.

5. Feedback and reviews via NFC technology

Encourage customers to leave feedback via NFC technology.

When customers pay via NFC, ask them to leave feedback about the brand or product they bought and their experience. Collect feedback to analyze and improve and retarget existing customers.

In fact, you can collect statistics and various data in real time.


6. Personalised customer experience

NFC technology can make the customer experience tailor-made.

With promotions and discounts, offering the right loyalty program for each type of customer, pushing relevant notifications to the customer when they are close to the product or providing after-sales service.

Buyers are given the ability not only to get information but also to bookmark, save and compare product details, learn more and more,etc.

With a personalised experience, you show that you really care about the customer. At the same time, interactivity is improved, an immersive shopper experience is created and sales are increased.


Example of using NFC in store

The Timberland Company used NFC technology at Timberland's Manhattan store in Herald Square to provide customers with a great shopping experience. It gave guests NFC-enabled tablets. Shoppers had to use the tablet to scan NFC tags on products. With one click, information about the product appeared on the screen. They were also informed about the pieces that were available in the store.

Shoppers could tap on those tags to add those products to a personalised shopping list, which contained both online and in-store products.

NFC technology has helped the company increase customer engagement during the shopping cycle. It also helped in collecting data and offering a personalised experience to customers. Finally, what was found was that through this experience they increased their sales.



NFC technology enables brands and stores to quickly, easily and reliably connect with consumers at every step of their in-store and post-purchase journey.

For customers, time and convenience are the two main factors in deciding whether to buy something or not. Consumers either buy in-store if they can't wait for shipping. Either they buy online because they don't have the time to visit a store.

Either way, convenience and speed are at the heart of a good customer engagement experience. By deploying NFC tags, businesses can make shopping easier, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Beyond the convenience of making payments through a digital wallet or skipping the checkout line, NFC technology creates opportunities for businesses to inform and convert potential customers into enthusiastic customers. Whether they are using NFC technology to create new in-store experiences, improve shopping convenience or simplify the payment transaction process, a wealth of possibilities await businesses interested in making the most of NFC technology.

So if you want to improve the shopping experience, gain the interest of your customers, create a loyal customer base and of course increase your sales, it's probably time to get better acquainted with the possibilities of NFC technology.


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