NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is making its appearance in more and more fields. So it didn't take long to enter the field of hospitality. It can take the customer experience one step further and also facilitate operational processes. Together, NFC technology and hotels marry and create smart hotels!

A few years ago it was weird to just tap your credit card on a machine and pay contactless. In this day and age we have come to the point where one can even experience AR(augmented reality) simply with an NFC enabled device. Yes, you can use NFC technology in your hotel to offer even that.

What can NFC technology do for your hotel?

NFC technology (near field technology) can bring an NFC chip and an NFC-enabled device into communication. Once this contact is made, an action is initiated. This action can be opening a page, an application, or whatever else is defined.

This is how you can use NFC technology in your own hotel and provide unique experiences.


For example, the Cove Hotel in the Bahamas, a member of Atlantis Resorts, used NFC technology to offer a special experience to its famous guests. He gave everyone a stylish, subtle and beautiful…temporary tattoo! The tattoo contained an NFC chip. So by bringing their cell phone near the tattoo, guests could access hotel areas. But beyond that guests could interact with the hotel, access real-time information on special events, weekend activities and other exclusive and personalised content.The result was a wonderful, comprehensive and completely individual experience for each guest, at all times!

Ok, your hotel may not be the Cove Resort but we think you understand the power of NFC technology. NFC technology creates smart hotels! Also, the NFC tattoo might be a little advanced but it could be a QR code, an NFC card, NFC chips on key chains, bracelets, badges, etc.


How can you now use this technology in your own accommodation? Keep reading.


NFC Technology & Smart Hotels


Turns the visitor's cell phone into a key

One of the most common uses of NFC technology in hotels is that the customer's mobile phone is used as a key to open the room or other areas of the hotel. The customer simply passes his mobile phone to the access point/lock.

How does it work; With an application that the customer downloads to his mobile phone by registering in the hotel's special system. He usually receives an e-mail or sms to download this access application which he can use throughout his stay.

It provides access to Wi-Fi

Usually one of the first questions after check-in is "What is the Wi-Fi password?". With the use of NFC technology, things are simplified. The Wi-Fi code is transferred to an NFC sticker and as soon as the visitor passes his device over the sticker, he automatically enters the Wi-Fi. This sticker can be placed in guest rooms as well as in common areas. It is especially useful if you have more than one Wi-Fi network. So customers will log in automatically and easily without having to hunt you down to tell them the code or worry about network security.


Access to information at any time and moment

This technology allows the visitor to receive information and data in real time. It can be general information about the hotel and regulations, information about activities at the hotel or in the area, services provided and even what the breakfast will be!

Also vice versa, it offers information to the hotel management about the customer's activity: access, consumption, as well as online comments or receipt of service requests, among others.


It offers VIP experiences

Maybe you have customers you want to thank a little more. You can through this technology provide them with VIP services such as information about breakfast options in the room, spa services and extra benefits.


Feedback and reviews in real time

Through the application, customers will be able to rate, leave comments and reviews in real time. This way you have the possibility to prevent any complaints and negative reviews and also to improve the stay experience.


It makes payments easy

This probably doesn't need to be analyzed as NFC technology dominates payments. Everyone now (or almost everyone) uses contactless payments. But we will take it a step further. Can someone through NFC technology make a payment directly from their device. The hotel sends the payment methods which the customer opens from his device and proceeds with the payment. Somehow, simply and quickly, the waiting time at the reception is reduced to zero. No cards, no PIN, no friction.



Offers augmented reality (AR) experiences

What is this? And yet you may have come into contact with augmented reality more times than you think. How; Through the filters on TikTok and Instagram. Augmented reality marries the real world with digital elements (text, photos, video).

Let's visualise it. Imagine passing your mobile phone over a preparation (e.g. cake) on the buffet and, in addition to the breakfast goodies, a text appears on your screen with exactly what it contains so that you can avoid that particular preparation if you have an allergy. We could give you more examples but we'll keep it simple as this particular feature may seem too "forward" to you. But we imagine that you want your hotel to be a pioneer. That's why we give you ideas so that your hotel can be counted among the smart hotels!


The use of NFC technology in smart hotels is not only limited to the customer experience.

It can offer amazing solutions for the best and most organized operation of the hotel. Such as:


Ease of technical work and maintenance

Through NFC technology, all hotel staff can use their phones and have immediate access to all relevant information about a device and the maintenance it needs. By interacting with NFC tags on the device, the defect could be automatically registered in a system and made accessible to managers, managers or technicians and the activity performed reported. All through a mobile application!

Facilitation in operational tasks

This technology is equally useful for monitoring the activity of staff, from maintenance technicians to cleaning workers to receptionists. As above through an application they will have access to a common system and task list. This is one way to ensure that tasks are completed on time.

Check staff attendance

NFC tags can be used to track staff presence. Since the app is used for daily tasks, it's an indirect way to ensure they're in the right places and doing the right tasks at hand in real time.


Final thoughts

NCF technology is undeniably impressive! Functions and features can take the customer's stay experience to a truly different level!

But beyond amazing experiences, it offers options that improve the organization and operation of the hotel.

The possibilities we mentioned above are just some of those that exist at the moment. As this technology develops at a dizzying pace, the options will continue to increase. Upgrade your services, offer mind-blowing experiences and get one step ahead of the competition!


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