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Step-by-Step Guide : How to Make Your Own Digital Business Card

by admin

First impressions count. And when it comes to making an impression, the first image someone has of your brand should be “WoW“. What if you could stay ahead of the competition and the technological curve?

Then you need a Digital Business Card!

Think of it as a digital profile that stores your business details. It is a virtual card, a small website we could say, where the potential client can find your contact details (phone, email), the link to your website, your social media profiles, a map of your business and even a portfolio with a sample of your work (photos, link) and much more information.

With all these conveniences at their fingertips, not only can they find you easily and quickly, but they can also log into your social media accounts or send you an email or message on Whatsapp with just a click!

How convenient is that?

Here are some of the key benefits of a Digital Business Card

1. It’s more convenient to carry around a QR code or the i-card Application than it is to carry around printed cards.

2. You can change the information you want on your computer or via the i-card Application and your digital card is dynamically and automatically updated.

3. Not only is it impressive, but it’s also more economical, because you don’t have to print new cards every time you make a change.

4. It’s clearly more environmentally friendly because you don’t need to print lots of paper.

5. You can customise it any time you want—and even use it for other purposes such as connecting with others online or getting discounts at businesses nearby!


Digital cards can take 3 forms

  • Link: When the customer clicks on the link, they see your digital card with your details.
  • QR code: You send the QR code, save it on your mobile phone (or download the app) or print it, and when someone scans the QR code with their device, all your details are displayed.
  • NFC card: Perhaps the most impressive form of digital card. When an NFC-enabled device is passed over your card, your details are automatically displayed.

To issue a digital card, you will need to

1.Go to the i-card site, click “Register/Login” and set your login details.

2. Choose the English language





3. There are 3 packages: Basic, Business and Free4All.

To select the BASIC (1 digital card) or BUSINESS (5 digital cards)package press the ” Choose Plan” Button. You will be then transferred to the i-card.org frontend website to purchase your pricing planSTEP-BY-STEP-i-card-blogs


If you want to have the limited options edition, choose the Free4All plan. 

To do so, click the “Choose Plan” Button on the Block “FREE” (marked with Nr2 on the image below)

Click “Yes, proceed” and you are ready to go!


4. After you have selected the package that is right for you, proceed to create your digital card. Choose the ‘Business Cards‘ tab and then ‘CreateVCard‘.

5. Decide how you want it to look: style, colours, cover, logo, title, language, subtitle and a description. You can also choose translation languages if you wish your card to be translated into other languages. At the bottom you can write what you want your link to be https://i-card.org/ ….. This is the unique link that will take you to your digital card. When you are finished, click on the “Submit & Continue” button.



Each time you click on the ‘Submit & Next‘ button, you will see a message telling you that your details have been entered.

6.In the following tab, you can put the features you want on your card. Phone, email, social media profile, website, video, map with your location, etc. For each feature, click “Add another feature“. You can select the icon and how the info is displayed. Once you have entered all your information, click “Submit & Next“.


STEP-BY-STEP-i-card-blogs7. At the next step add a payment type. Click “Edit Payment Listed“. You can enter your bank account number or a link to a direct payment such as PayPal,etcSTEP-BY-STEP-i-card-blogs

8. In the next section you can enter details of your services. Click ‘Add New‘ and enter the service, a description and a picture. Click ‘Add New‘ and each new service you wish to include. When you are finished, click the ‘Submit & Next‘ button. If you don’t want to add your services, you can click the ‘Skip & Continue‘ button.


STEP-BY-STEP-i-card-blogs9. The next step is to add photos of a sample of your work and create a personal portfolio. Click “Add New” for each new photo you want to upload. Once you are finished click “Submit & Next” to proceed. If you don’t want to add photos click “Skip & Continue“.

STEP-BY-STEP-i-card-blogs10.Then you can set your Business Hours so that you can write this down on your digital card. If you don’t want the time of day to be visible, select “Hide business Hours“.


11.  Click “Save” and your digital card is ready!


Choose “Live” to view your card (as marked below with red). Your digital profile will be displayed with all the details you have entered. This profile will also be displayed to the customer when they click on the link, scan the QR code or when their device touches your NFC card.



How will your digital card look like


We have created a DEMO digital business card for you to see the outcome. Click this link to see and interact with it live! 

Note that all information on this specific digital card is draft and only used for promotional action of i-card


At the bottom of the page you will find the QR code that will take you to the digital card, the possibility of saving your profile and the possibility of sharing it with others.



You can change any item on your map and its appearance at any time by selecting ‘Edit’. You will go through all the steps again to make the changes you want.

If you wish to deactivate your digital card, click “Disable”

From the menu at the top you have the following options:

Dashboard View your package details

Multimedia: Add or remove photos and videos to use when designing your digital card

Plans: Change your package if you wish.

NFC cards: You will be transferred to i-card e-shop to  choose your NFC card design

STEP-BY-STEP-i-card-blogsApplication i-card (optional , but very useful!)

The next step is to download the i-card app.  From the app, you can easily edit your details at any time. You have exactly the same options as on your computer. You can also store your card permanently on your phone so that you can distribute it at any time using the QR Code. There is also an index of saved profiles of other cards in the application. All in all, a very powerful marketing tool!

And just like that, you have your digital card and an innovative element for your business!

Time to “share” your card and get new customers and impressions!

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